Glee 5.10 “Trio” Review: Three’s Company

One of my weaknesses when it came to Glee in its early seasons was that I was almost always willing to forgive an episode’s faults when it blew me away with a big musical number at the end. That final performance of “Hold On” at the end of “Trio”? Awesome.  But everything that came before it? A very mixed bag of great, good, and blah.

Let’s start with the “blah” parts first, which were pretty much anything that included Blaine, Tina, and Sam. Unlike last week’s awesome “Frenemies,” which focused on the past and present friendship of Artie and Tina (and made Tina feel like an actual real person again), “Trio” attempts to get us misty eyed by having the annoying duo of Sam and Blaine, along with Tina in her re-instated caricature form, have a school lock-in and discuss how all the things they do now in high school will be their lasts.



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