'Supernatural' recap: Kevin Tran returns to finally talk some sense into Sam and Dean

"Supernatural" sure knows how to keep a secret.The long-running CW drama proved that to be true once again on Tuesday (Feb. 25), when it brought back a familiar face as a devastating surprise. Welcome back, Kevin Tran (Osric Chau). It's been too long.Side note: When the "Then" montage at the beginning of the episode brings you to tears, you know you're in for an emotionally rough hour. And oh man, was it ever.Ever since the prophet was killed by Gadreel (while possessing Sam), the Winchester brothers have been beating themselves up, blaming themselves for Kevin's death. But when Kevin finally mustered up enough ghost juice to make contact with Sam and Dean in the Men of Letters bunker, he was able to drop some much needed truth bombs on the bickering boys, as well as clue them in to some vital info, all while finally getting to have a powerful and emotional reunion with...



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