it couldn't be worse

Whoever thinks this movie is great should probably stop writing about movies.. Even if it wasn't from the book it would have been a crappy horror movie with a crappy script and with an even more crappy/happy end.. I think I really underesteemated how this movie could have sucked.. the only thing that really comes from the original Richard Matheson novel is the title.. which has also been used in the most wrong way possible ever.. At first I thought the choice of Smith as main characterwas the spoiling part.. couldn't be more wrong myself.. that's irrelevant after the butchering job they did.. Please, to everybody, I'm not telling you not to watch this movie.. it would be pretemptious, but at least before you dare posting a comment just read the original story or if you are lazy at least watch "The last man on earth" so far the only real movie made from the original story.. it's a 1964 movie so there's no special effects but there's a great Vincent Price!!


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