Episode Recap: "The Fight"

Are you ready to rumble? Fittingly airing two days after The Fight, How I Met Your Mother saw Ted and Barney engage, sort of, in fisticuffs in an effort to change everyone's perceptions of them, or in Barney's case, impress Robin. Do they accomplish either? Let's find out!

FutureTed tells us he's gonna share the tale of the only fight he's ever been in. It invovles a heretofore unseen large, lumbering, but lovable bartender by the name of Doug, who is notable for three things: 1) a violent streak; 2) being weird about his haircut (a toupee, he says); and 3) being very loyal to regulars, which leads to bouncing patrons sitting in the quintet's booth. And this night, it's time for Doug to come to the rescue, again, so he thinks. He kicks a group of suits out of the booth, but on one condition — he, and the guys, must fight them outside.

Should they, or shouldn't they? The perpetual mature adults, Lily and Marshall say "nay" to fighting because, according to Marshall, civilized guys don't fight — but he may in three to five years with lightsabers. Besides, he used to fight all the time with his bros...complete with "timesies" and "coco breaks," everyone thinks. Barney's hesitant at first until Robin says fighting is sexy. Coming from the "culture of hockey players," throwing down = way hot, scars = Robin and missing teeth = missing pants. Ted decides this is an experience he needs to have as well after recounting his previous, um, "fights," which includes getting socked last year on St. Patty's and apparently some type of encounter with Missy the goat next year. Um, I'm afraid to ask...but we'll find out in five months!

By the time Ted and Barney get outside, the suits were down for the count. Doug beat the crap out of all of them by himself, but in his frazzled state, thinks he, Ted and Barney did it together. Barney and Ted decide to roll with it, and Barney makes it look more realistic with a self-incliction on his eye and a schnoz punch for Ted that has him looking like Owen Wilson. They walk in to a hero's welcome and lots o' flirting from Robin for Barney. An appreciative Doug doles out free beers for everyone but Marshall because he doesn't have his back. Poor Marshall endures a round of ridicule from everyone — including Lily's feuding kindergarteners the next day when he — along with Mahatma Panda and Martin Luther Koala — tries to instill in them the path of non-violence, or, in their minds, the path of being a wuss.

Back at MacLaren's, Barney and Ted are still basking in their fake fight glory, wingman-ing it up with two chicks when they realize their "booth" is currently occupied. Barney threatens the guys, unaware that Doug is not there to have their back. But there shall be no fighting this time, just lawsuits — the guys serve Barney and Ted with assault. They haul ass to get help from "disappointed" Marshall, who figures out the truth after Ted hypothetically poses, well, the actual situation. And unluckily for Barney, Marshall also bursts the bubble for an incredibly horny Robin. Oh, show, how you tease. So close, yet so far.

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