Community Review: Who You Gonna Call?

Community is so meta, so self-aware, so simultaneously engaged in utilizing and deconstructing sitcom tropes... that sometimes, when the show stirs up a genuine emotional reaction, I feel a bit like a chump.

Here I am, getting choked up all over a show that's way too smart to actually want you to get choked up?

But Community Season 5 wants you to feel real things, even as it delivers perfectly crafted jokes about cop movies and Dane Cook - and Community Season 5 Episode 7 was perhaps the show's finest achievement in the field of actually, you know, feeling stuff.

Though the half hour didn't lack for razor-sharp Community quotes, every plot thread - from Abed's verbal sparring match with Hickey, to Jeff and Duncan's competitive feelings about Britta... to Britta's sadness and confusion about her old friends's new lives - was absolutely brutal in its emotional honesty.



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