New Girl Review: Snore-a Ephron

Pop quiz, hot shot: There's a sensible Day sister. But which one is it? Is it law-abiding schoolteacher Jess? Or Abby, who, as implied by one of tonight's New Girl quotes, is a felon who can't legally vote? Who do you pick?

What do you do??

If you're anything like me, you answered that question wrong - because, in a move that confused everyone (including Abby herself), Abby Day revealed herself to be the more together Day lady in New Girl Season 3 Episode 18.

Reasoning with Jess about her troubled reasons for wanting to shack up with Nick, and moving back to Oregon in order to get her act together, Abby was a regular competent problem solver, a classic older sister, and someone you'd never guess was recently starting jail fights for fun.



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