Cougar Town Review: By The Bottle

The Guzzle Buddy featured on Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 9 finally solved the biggest roadblock of drinking wine:

The refills.

It marked chance to finally bring Jules and Andy together for a story involving things they both like to do: drinking and getting overly excited about ideas. It was also an opportunity to see Andy do his boring job.

This may have been the first time Andy was actually doing his job because I can't recall seeing Andy in his office except for when he took a nap. 

The biggest hurdle in selling the Guzzle Buddy was that most people do not want to drink as much as Jules and Andy do. The idea of downing an entire bottle in one sitting isn't comprehensible to the one man they were trying to sell it to. Even if Jules thinks he's the weird one for not seeing the joy in drinking an entire bottle. 



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