Community Review: APPles to Apples

Are we one social networking app away from sliding into complete dystopia? Is the structure of polite society just waiting for the right digital excuse to crumble? Will refusing someone's Goodreads friend request today come to haunt us tomorrow, when we're living in a retro-futuristic hellscape ruin, going all Hunger Games on each other and stuff?

Community Season 5 Episode 8 argues: yes! In one of the season's most delightful fits of whimsy, a social networking app transformed Greendale into...wait...okay, there was definitely a lot of Logan's Run in there, but then there was also a reference to the Outlands, which is from D & D, and, that dance was from...what is it...dammit, it is on the tip of my tongue...what is it?!!! Aggggh. Fine. You'll just have to tell me in the comments.



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