Nashville Recap: Facing the Music


Previously on Nashville: Deacon and Rayna annoyingly dated people who were not each other, Scarlett got on drugs and was actually less irritating than before, Zoey searched for a personality through her hair, Avery and Juliette finally got it on and immediately became an old married couple, everyone struggled to be an authentic artist, and everybody else died. 


After the long hiatus, I appreciate that the show gave us five minutes of easy-breezy Rayna before turning her into dark Rayna for the rest of the hour. Thanks, show, we needed that.

So first blissfully oblivious Rayna goes to visit Scarlett and Liam in the studio and, although Teddy keeps calling and calling and calling, she doesn’t pick up, because who answers urgent phone calls from the father of your children when you have a record label to run? She and Liam have some flirty banter and she basically implies: Make a good record and I’ll sleep with you again. (Or maybe I just read it that way. I tend to put an imaginary “in bed” at the end of all their conversations.)  Read More...


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