'House of Cards' Season 2 episode 9: Freddy gets fingered

Warning: Do not keep reading if you haven't watched the first nine episodes of "House of Cards" Season 2. Up next, "Chapter 22."Where we are:There are two big plotlines this episode, both stemming from Raymond Tusk getting back at Frank Underwood for ruining his rare earth refinery with Xander Feng: Claire's affair and Freddy's rib shack.For Claire, she's ready to do battle. She tells Adam Galloway to deny, deny, deny, which he does. Then she goes on the air in a press conference to say the picture in the D.C. Daily is one she and Frank commissioned Galloway to take of her in their home. Galloway is irritated that she didn't tell him the plan, but she says if their stories were too coordinated, the press would smell a rat. And she's right. Claire tells Adam to go back to the press, tell them he lied because he was scared and that'll be the end...



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