CSI Season 14 Review “Killer Moves”

On the latest episode of “CSI,” the gang ran afoul of a master chess player with some “Killer Moves.” This, in turn, brought out Greg’s inner- and long repressed- chess geek, resulting in some pretty deft moves himself, as it was Greg that eventually brought down the killer at hand. We started out with a bizarre crime scene: a dead Elvis impersonator on a park bench, with a blood trail leading to a dead raven…make that a rook. As in a rook and a king, get it? The street letters and numbers were also chess-related, which subsequently led them to the vic’s car, where more clues awaited.

This in turn led them to a specific eco-friendly hotel (with bath mats made of grass!) where, lo and behold, a chess tournament was being held. Among the potential culprits: Ron Glass, of “Firefly” fame, as Greg’s old chess mentor; Carlo Rota, of “24,” as a seemingly unbeatable chess pro, known for playing groups of would-be rivals all at once; David Dastmalchian, of “Prisoners,” as an ex-con who learned chess in prison and is obsessed with beating said pro; Gary Colón, as the person who came the closest to beating the pro before one wrong move cost him everything; and Sarah Lafleur, of “Ugly Betty” (and “Lake Placid 2”!), as the woman in charge of running the tourney.




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