There was a black hunter that wanted Dean dead, I can't remember his name. (thats rhetorical btw). Do you think that when he went to hell; if he did, he escaped when the devil's gate was opened?

Do you reckon that Dean tortured his Dad in hell?

Do you have to be a demon to escape hell, if a devils gate is opened?

When sam was killed is the reason why he couldn't remember anything because a (good) reaper hadn't yet collected his soul?

Is a demon boss, for example, Alistair or Lilith stronger than an angel?



Dec 1, 2008 2:05AM EST

Do you mean the black hunter that wanted Sam dead? Gordon?I'm pretty sure he died after the Devil's Gate was opened - he was alive in Bad Day at Black Rock. The only other black hunters that I can recall are the couple who showed up at the beginning of this season, also after the Devil's Gate was opened.Gordon did what was right by his moral code, but it was a twisted moral code. So... I dunno where he wound up. When he DID die, he wasn't human, so that may have been an automatic Hell, depending on your view.
Unless John went back to Hell after escaping, Dean couldn't have. If he had, though, I would think Dean would remember.John Winchester escaped Hell when the gate was opened, and he was definitely not a demon at the time. So... no, you don't have to be a demon.
Sam wasn't in Hell, presumably, since he didn't make a deal pre-death and was fighting on the side of good. Angels seem pretty tight-lipped, so it's probable that even if his soul had been collected he wouldn't have remembered.
I'm gonna go with it depends on the angel and the demon. Alistair became stronger than Castiel and Uriel, but Anna was clearly strong enough to vaporize Alistair. There are tiers of demons (based on eye color, presumably), and there are tiers of angels.

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Dec 1, 2008 3:43PM EST

if his father wasn't dragged down into hell again after he escaped, there is no chance dean could have tortured him.i mean tortureing his own father would have been to much, seeing how devastated he was in the last episode because he ripped countless souls apart i think dean wouldn't be able to go on. knowing to have tortured his father would be to much.

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Dec 1, 2008 5:08PM EST

cheers guys....i think i got the episodes a bit mixxed up soz its been a long time since I watched 10 Lol.Just out of interest was Alistair actually vaporised or did he get teleported...?thanks again

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Dec 2, 2008 8:37AM EST

I reckon he was probably destroyed, as Anna was no ordinary angel (she was quite high in the chain of command). Angel strength vs demon, I think it really depends on the particular individual. I mean if demons have a scale of power from mildly irritating to being able to kill people at will, I would assume that angels would too. I think Lillith is a great deal stronger than Alistair, and Alistair managed to survive the magic knife which is a testament to his power. I think therefore it will take a whole lot of strength to get Lillith out of the picture, but angels literally have God himself on their side, so I would have to assume that the top level angels, whoever they are, are at least as strong, if not moreso, than Lillith. Of course, the angels are playing by a whole different set of rules because if they wanted to they could have easily rid the world of demons by force a long time ago.

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Dec 2, 2008 9:17AM EST

obviously we have castiel and uriel at the moment as angels we have seen,but if there is some sort of tier with angels,i can only imgaine that there are stronger angels,i would like 2 see them to,maybe like michael or gabriel even? but i doubt it would happen,but why not lol

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Dec 9, 2008 5:40PM EST


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