Grimm Season 3 Review “Mommy Dearest”

I have mixed feelings about this week’s Grimm. I liked seeing more of Wu. He’s a strong supporting character and this was his first time as the main focus. I did not like that he has been pulled into the Wesen-world. If Wu is going to keep his sanity, Nick and Co. are going to have to tell him about this other, shadowy world. I don’t think Wu needs to be brought into the loop. We already have so many members of the Grimm squad that there is no room for anyone else.

Wu is sucked into the drama this week when a good friend of his, Dana, is attacked. In the gruesome opening, we see a monster penetrate Dana’s pregnant stomach with its tongue. It was revolting. I liked the special effects of the monster. The CGI was well done. I think I’m just reaching a gore overload generally. I have a strong stomach – I started watching Nightmare on Elm Street movies in elementary school – but I’m not feeling it in my prime time TV. The scene of the tongue going into her stomach was just too much. I feel like the show should spend its time on the story and less on trying to get a shocking special effect or prop.



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