My my that film was... OK

I have just been to the cinema to see the film. Really I wasn't that keen on going, but I had nothing else to do.

Overall the film was pretty good. The plot was reasonably clever and the actors alright. The costumes and set were very impressive, bright lights and beautiful colours galore!

Unfortunately what let it down for me was a few of the minor things. For instance I felt that some bits that should have been played out for longer, weren't, and that some bits that took ages didn't deserve all the fuss.

As well as this, the singing was not excellent. Don't get me wrong it wasn't bad, but Pierce Brosnan wasn't born for musicals, and the timing was a little off for the others between there mouths and the back-track.


I felt that the twist that Sophie and Sky don't get married was a little odd. I know that they had talked about how they weren't doing what Sky wanted, but I felt that that wasn't discussed enough for it to really be a big thing.

And her mum and Sam? That was just random. Seriously???...

And Harry being gay? OK, moving on...

And that other guy with the other lady [I forget their names ;)].

I guess maybe they just wanted everyone to have someone.

I like the fact that they didn't reveal the father, and all decided to have a third, that was pretty cool.


4/5 in my opinion. Could have been better, could have really been a lot worse. Watch it if you have the time.


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