Wow_who knew

Ok so I was flipping through the channels one day. When I came across Robin Hood. I started watching it and fell in love with the actors and actresses involved in it. That day they rehired about 5 episodes from season 1. So after i watched them, i went to my computer and found out they had another season so i watched all of season 1 and 2. Jonas Armstrong is a completely brilliant actor. Same as Lucy Griffiths she is wonderful as the role of Maid Marian. I believe that this is one of the best shows of today. The cast is amazing and very well cast. I can't wait for season 3 to start no matter the out come of it

I' crossing my figures that Will, "jack" and Marian will be back for this season. most of all Marian.

i want her back as a person not as a dream or a memory.


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