'House of Cards' Season 2, episode 11: Poor Doug Stamper, Frank is his only friend

Warning: Do not keep reading if you haven't watched the first 11 episodes of "House of Cards" Season 2. On tap Monday (March 3), "Chapter 24."Where we are:A special prosecutor, Dunbar, has been appointed to investigator Xander Feng, Raymond Tusk, the Lanagin casino and whatever ties they may have had to the president and/or vice president. Tusk has promised Lanagin safety and money if he'll testify against Frank, so Doug's trip to the casino comes to light.It doesn't look good -- Feng is laundering money through the casino, and it remains to be seen if the prosecutor thinks it's Tusk or the president who is benefiting from it. Tusk decides he needs to swing things in his favor, so he sends Remy out to dig up dirt on Jackie Sharp. Remy talks to Havemeyer and finds out just exactly how Sharp got the majority whip position in the House. Remy uses it to threaten Jackie:...



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