'Glee' Episode 5.10 Songs: Rachel and Adam Lambert Perform 'Barracuda'

Things got heated last week on Glee. There was Rachel vs. Santana, Tina vs. Artie and (at least in Kurt's head) Kurt vs. Starchild. Oh, and of course, as always, there's Sue against everyone else. And while some of those feuds were resolved, one in particular is sticking around.

In this Tuesday's episode, we'll see the aftermath of Rachel moving out when Starchild (Adam Lambert) unintentionally gets sucked into the drama. (The preview for this episode shows Rachel telling him that Santana and Kurt kicked her out -- that'll be interesting to see her play up that lie.) It won't be quite as tension-filled at McKinley, where Tina, Blaine and Sam put on a senior "lock-in" -- unfortunately for them, Becky joins in too.  Read More...



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