Vampire Diaries: There goes the Neighbourhood!

Although the episode was not as gripping as the previous was important all the same. The only thing i dont get is Jeremy's desire to get himself turned? He and Anna look good together on screen but that's no excuse to get himself turned. Matt's mom is hogging too much space, and the two vamps are really stupid, thank god one of them was staked by Stefan. In the flashbacks, Pearl seemed like a good vampire but now that she's back, there seems to be a deeper agenda with her. She seems vicious and so hell bent on getting revenge. A lot of questions are to be asked on her relationship with katherine and her problem with Damon and the town and how in hell was the tomb left open when Bonnie and Gramps shut it?. I think Isobel will reappear, with another cliffhanger. All her vamp research has to have some meaning now right? And what i've seen of the spoilers, Stefan is getting tortured and he discovers some secret mission or something and he's locked up in some cellar in the woods.A lot of answers will hopefully be provided in the next one!


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