'Almost Human' Season 1 finale: Life goes on for Kennex and Dorian; will it for the show?

Week to week, you could almost see the writers of "Almost Human" itching to play around in their near-future world. Like a lot of science fiction, there were ideas about how the world will look a little while from now practically bursting out of the sides of the screen.And like a lot of good science fiction, those ideas served the more grounded stories the show was telling and the characters it was using to tell them, rather than letting them overrun everything else. The show got more and more confident in its characters over the run of Season 1, culminating in Monday's (March 3) season finale focusing heavily on John Kennex's past and his working relationship/bromance with Dorian. Let's hope it's not too confident. The series ended its first season with an upbeat, life-goes-on sort of finale -- the final scene was of Kennex and Dorian bonding at his favorite noodle shop when a new...



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