The Treasure of Serena Madre

Truth is the treasure. and Serena, a hapless bait, in this yet another engrossing episode of Gossip Girl. What I love about the 3rd season is the level of maturity in relationships with the usual little pop tart treats delivered so effortlessly by Blair. I would love to see Chuck and Blair taking their relationship to a whole new level , when she moves to Paris.

About the episode, i was at the edge of my seat in anticipation, because so much was riding on that Thanksgiving Dinner. With bigger seating arrangements came bigger drama. With practically the whole cast interacting with each other, it was a colossal task for the writers to keep the audiences coming back for more. The recipe of accusations, love affairs and secrets kept me wanting more GG pie!

I'm glad that Dan and Vanessa didn't happen.Also, for the fact that Lily will finally be unmasked. Throughout the series, it's come to my attention that Lily hoards more secrets and scandals than her children and Blair! And Rufus is a big bore.And it was wrong on Lily's part to disown Serena like that.Serena has become more depressed and confused this season, and her deranged family is to be blamed for all of it. Also, the whole Jenny and Eric face off is kinda getting boring , and i think that Jenny should be re-scripted. She can't handle being queen and to throw away Blair's legacy of fallacy into the grubby paws of a pseudo goth is not fun!

If i were the writers, season 4 rough drafts would be littering my table :)


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