Fading Moon

If Summit Entertainment prioritizes cost cutting to quality, then there is some justification in their production of New Moon. Otherwise, its unforgivable!

First, Catherine Hardwicke gets fired from Summit because she didn't do justice to the book. To be replaced by what? The director of American Pie? The guy who directed an almost porno movie is supposed to bring out the depth of insatiable love between Bella and Edward? It's to our credit(the fans), that the movie grossed 300 million the first time around. And it will still b our credit if it becomes a blockbuster and breaks all records.So don't go patting your backs for a job well done!

The film feels so mechanical. Scenes change so laboriously, that it feels that the director needs constant reminders, that oh ya its Bella's birthday and now Edward will come and kiss her and Alice has planned a bash, etc. The scenes don't blend and the books bring more life to the months of Edward's disappearance than the mechanical way of showing October, November and December.Kristen Stewart needs a new stylist and since Summit can't afford one she can hire one for herself, instead of dressing in rags! Rob's hot as ever but Taylor Lautner is the breathe of fresh air in the movie.The Volturi is perfectly cast and the part where Bella runs to save Edward through the throng and fountain is perfectly shot and the body language of both K-Stew and Rob is fantastic. Without saying much in words,their emotions are beautifully captured through the lens.

All in all, its a 5 on 10.David Slade has already been roped in for Eclipse and it scares me to death as to what he's capable of. If Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz can't handle teenage infatuation turned irrevocable love.I hardly believe that a newbie can bring out the emotions of Bella torn between Edward and Jacob, and the renewed revenge of Victoria and her posse. I say, stick to one capable director instead of firing and hiring on a trial basis.


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