'Teen Wolf' Season 3 goes back to the future in 'The Fox and the Wolf'

Everything going wrong in "Teen Wolf" Season 3 is the result of the Japanese internment camps during World War II. Fair enough -- that dark chapter in history is responsible for a lot of bad things. But "The Fox and the Wolf" is the first time that particular wartime policy has been blamed for supernatural serial killers.At least, we hope it's the first time.The pieces move into their positionsBefore the main story can begin in this "Teen Wolf" episode, all of the players must take their places. Stiles starts off the trouble by demanding the Oni-summoning kitsune tail location from Mr. Yukimura. A fly is used to make that happen, because why torture when you have evil flies?It's hard to say what Evil Stiles learns, because Mrs. Yukimura -- whose name is Noshiko, by the way -- feeds her husband magic mushrooms so he doesn't die. Also, she has the final fox tail well-hidden.Noshiko...



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