How I Met Your Mother Recap: Love Story

Wow. A pretty upsetting conclusion last night, assuming we’re all assuming the same thing. The Mother and Ted are once again weekending at the Farhampton Inn, this time in the winter of 2024, and realizing with a mix of pride and sadness that by now they know all of each other’s stories. I was tempted to make a crack about cheapskate Ted (“Maybe my old friend Mr. Lincoln can emancipate that information”) and his refusal to take his wife on a real vacation — by my count, this is their fourth return to Farhampton. Then the destination took on a new significance.


At one point, amid the bantering, the Mother says, “I just worry about you. I don’t want you to be the guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward.” It was an oddly sobering sentiment. Was she jealous of a past she wasn’t a part of? That doesn’t jibe with the character we’ve come to know. Is she worried that his nostalgia is somehow dangerous? Maybe, but Ted’s stories are the framework of this series, so it’d be strange to pathologize them now.  Read More...


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