Revolution 2.15 Review: “Dreamcatcher”

by Lindsay Bradley

The nanites work tirelessly for Aaron to fix the code to save them by creating a world in Aaron’s mind. It’s a world he struggles to escape from – and why would he want to?

Yes, it is ridiculous as it sounds. It is a shame, as it was fun to experience an alternate reality where the power was still on and in this episode, Zak Orth’s performance really shines after a poor season for his character. In this world of Aaron’s is witty and funny, something the show has lacked this season.

From the get-go, Aaron knows something isn’t right with this world and almost has a breakdown. After a day he convinces himself that the blackout was a dream and to just enjoy what he has. He has everything he’d ever need, a great job, a beautiful wife and cold beer. Irritatingly the Bud Light commercial was forced, but it is understandable that Aaron would dream to have a nice cold beer – something that we take for granted.



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