Nashville 2.16 Review: “Guilty Street”

Welcome back to Nashville folks, where we finally address the lingering plot line that has been on our minds the entire season.  I’m, of course, talking about Peggy “Pig Blood” Conrad and her faux miscarriage.  Teddy “Bear” Conrad has been in the dark about his ex-wife’s antics since her death.  He was lukewarm about their relationship but things accelerated when she got pregnant.  Teddy “Bear,” full of grief and loathing, looks through Peggy’s old purse in hopes of perhaps finding a quarter and discovers a bottle of pills that would have helped her after the miscarriage.  As conniving as Peggy was, she left the incriminating evidence behind.  Granted, she did not know she was going to be murdered but I think she could have at least scratched off the label.  Teddy discerns that Peggy wasn’t forthright with her about her pregnancy and tumbles directly into a bottle of booze.  Megan, Patron Saint of Lost Causes, runs to his rescue and ends up in flagrante delecto with Teddy “Bear.”  Megan, it’s ok because no one liked you.



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