Being Human 4.09 Review: “Too Far, Fast Forward”

Being Human really knows how to take what you love, turn it on its head, and then use it against you, huh? This isn’t a new narrative approach for the series by a long shot, but “Too Far, Fast Forward” definitely perfected it. The follow up to one of Being Human’s wildest narrative turns wasted no time addressing the fallout of Sally’s death.

Still reeling from the reality that the love of his life is now in her own (undoored) afterlife, Aidan collapses into the arms of his father, Bishop (guest star Mark Pellegrino). His decision to go back results in one of the most painful moments of the show ever, though with the way things are going it’s sure to be outdone in about a week or so. Aidan isn’t just hurt. He’s consumed by his anger and Bishop prays upon that to bring his son back home.



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