Supernatural Recap: Man in the Mirror


When Supernatural's show-within-a-show Ghostfacers debuted in season three (complete with its own theme song, opening credits, and commercial bumpers), Supernatural had only just begun playing around with meta comedy and outright parody. The then-ubiquitous genre of ghost-chaser reality shows was ripe territory for a couple of steam-rolling Winchester bros, and since then Supernatural's gotten even weirder and more esoteric with its meta-commentary. Slash-fic, Supernatural conventions, even occasional jaunts to Jared Padalecki's mansion: All are now normal things within the Supernatural multi-verse. But while Ghostfacers' original parodic gimmick may have lost some edge and effectiveness over the years, Harry and Ed's appearance in "#THINMAN" had a heavier, more important purpose: to provide a cautionary tale to the Winchesters on how easily friendships can break down over trust issues. In that sense, the Ghostfacers' return was a welcome reunion. If only the actual supernatural threat were anywhere near as effective.  Read More...


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