House of Cards Season 2, Episode 12 Recap: Asylum and Light Treason


After watching the penultimate season two episode of House of Cards, there is only one logical conclusion that can be drawn: Frank Underwood is a D.C. version of Darth Vader who can use the dark side of the force to manipulate his Washington colleagues.


It’s the only way to explain how the Vice-President Who Will Probably Soon Be President was able to bend various people to his will during his now super-intense effort to take down President Garrett Walker, the man who suddenly woke up and realized Frank has been plotting his demise since the minute he was sworn in as Veep. “From this moment forward, I don’t want to hear your voice,” the president told Frank early in this episode. “I don’t want to see your face. And if I do, I will put you on your goddamn back.” When Frank left the Oval Office after that heated conversation, he looked a little panicked.  Read More...


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