losing its way???

is anyone esle confused as to where Smallville is heading? and maybe think that the writers have forgot about where it came from?

I think season 7 felt rushed and clumsy due to the writers strike (for example the episodes set on Krypton could have been magnificent but it simply felt like the fortress of solitude had new lighting installed :( not very well done) so with no strikes, season 8 needs to rock!

but the first two episodes were a little lacking with too many unanswered questions - why did Clark end up on the other side of the world? how did he get his powers back? why did the martian lose his powers? where has the martian been for the last 7 years (Clark has been in motal danger many times and he hasn't shown up to save him)? how did he get Clark back to the farm without powers?

i'm sure Lex's dissapearence will be explained in a future episode but at least he has had a mention - where the heck in Kara and why is Clark not showing any concern? last time she went missing, finding her was his number 1 priority!

How easy was it for Clark to walk away from the farm that's been in his family for generations, when he couldn't bear to even leave it to go away to college??

How is it that Chloe is still living in the apartment above the Talon in Smallville but is backwards and forwards to Metropolis every 5 minutes (I thought it was quite far?) and then Pat (in ep 2) says she needs to get out of Metropolis but she was sat in Chloe's Smallville abode???

I am worried that the entire cast is around the same age - we've lost Clark's parents, Lionel, and even Lex acted in a more mature fashion and now everyone is quite young - the show may lose some viewers this season if it feels like a kids/teenager show.

On the plus side Lana is gone so Lois can finally step up as cheif heroine/love interest! :) I was hoping that when Lana left the powers that be would darken Lois's hair - and they have!!! :) it looks so much better and its so much more Lois Lane like!

Oh and i cant wait to see Clark's specs - i just hope the storylines stack up this year


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