Being Human Review: There's No Place Like Home

All that was missing were the ruby slippers and the clicking of the heels.

On Being Human Season 4 Episode 9, Sally continued to see how devastating her decision to inhabit her body and change the course of history was; not only for her but for those she loved.

Stepping in for Glinda was Donna, who wasn't so bad the second time around.

While the majority of what happened as a result of Sally's impulsive attempt to change her future turned out to be far less than she expected, there was quite a bit that went well the second time around.

Sally acted upon the love she felt for Aidan, something she had been hiding a lot longer than she cared to admit. In the past, the timing was all wrong because it came about before the friendship between Sally, Aidan and Josh was cemented leaving Josh alone and without hope.



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