New Girl Review: The Caboose of Life

Much like the lamp in Schmidt's accidental home furnishings store, New Girl Season 3 Episode 19 was eye-catching, even if it wasn't quite plugged in.

But anyway, stop talking about lamps! After the epic undertaking that was the "Abby Trilogy" - New Girl Season 3 Episode 16New Girl Season 3 Episode 17, and New Girl Season 3 Episode 18 - this light half hour was something of a place holder.

But it held that place very well, moving forward some plot points that had gotten dropped in the Abby tornado (Jess is a vice principal now! Nick is maybe a lawyer again!), dropping in some killer New Girl quotes, and re-introducing a lot of unexpectedly Looney Tunes-style physical humor (Nick on the bicycle, Jess getting hit in the head with the volleyball over and over) which New Girl Season 3 has been light on.

However, I'm most excited about the expanding universe of Jess's school - especially the creepy biology teacher, played with slimy aplomb by Brian Posehn - which represents a new and exciting playground for the show to develop in (since it basically has only 2 other backdrops, just like a Barbie playset).




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