Perception Review: Liar, Liar

CIA assassins. Secret code names. Attacks on U.S. soil.

Perception Season 2 Episode 13 rolled the dice by dropping Daniel and Kate in the midst of a spy game complete with a twisty conspiracy theory. Or was it?

The initial concept of Daniel involved in a spy thriller was cool, especially because conspiracies are right up his alley. But for the first half hour, the campiness of it all from the cheesy codenames (“Cobra” and “Greyhawk”) to the noir-styled hallucination was too over the top. I was taken out of the story.

But the uncovering that “Cobra” was really just a pathological liar allowed the hour to get interesting again. And how did Daniel’s friend wind up dead from a CIA assassin who wasn’t actually one?

And that’s where Daniel came in to really help make things shine.

Eric McCormick nails the role of Daniel every time, and watching his facial expressions and subtle actions make you want to believe the severity of the situation. He encapsulates the role that continues to make Daniel stand out as the lead.




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