Beauty and The Beast Season 2 Review “About Last Night”

Cat and Vincent fans finally got what they have been waiting for, even if it was for just a few minutes before the spring finale came to an end with Vincent arrested for murder. Tonight’s Beauty and The Beast finally brought Cat full circle as she returned to her old self, shedding the weak demeanor she has taken on most of the season. After a night with Vincent, the two were back on the case to track down Sam. While Vincent was determined to talk to Cat about their relationship, Gabe was just as determined to keep him away from her.

This time around the three attended a masquerade ball to locate Sam. After drawing numbers, it was Gabe who won the chance to play Cat’s husband for the night. Luckily, he was recognized at the party and Vincent quickly came to the rescue. During a scene at the party it looked like Cat just wasn’t ready to hear what Vincent had to say, but somewhere in between capturing Sam while Vincent killed his beast, she changed her mind. Was it the humanity Vincent showed to Sam when he stopped him from falling to his death? Or the overbearing and controlling attitude of Gabe?



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