Bates Motel Season 2 Review “Shadow of a Doubt”

After a tumultuous season premiere last week, Bates Motel returned tonight with the great follow-up episode “Shadow of a Doubt”. I was very interested to see what Bradley was going to ask Norman to do, and how Norman would handle it. This isn’t the first time that a woman in Norman’s life has asked for help with a dead body, so he should be an old pro at this by now!

What actually happened with Bradley was a bit of a let down. I praised the writers, and actress Nicola Peltz, with such a crazy turnaround on this character in last week’s finale. She went from being the pretty, popular girl at school to being a cigarette smokin’ femme fatale in just one episode! I was very excited to see this character transformation continue, but now it seems that she’s been quickly written off the show. I was hoping that Norman would at least be harboring this fugitive (and former lover) in his basement for a couple more episodes, but it looks like she was quickly written off. I’m hoping that she’ll be back in some capacity, simply because I don’t feel like I got the closure I wanted for her and Norman’s relationship.



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