The Following Season 2 Review “The Messenger”

On the latest episode of “The Following,” it was time to kill “The Messenger,” or at least, anyone who had the misfortune to be in the way of a message being delivered- or anyone trying to deliver one themselves, in some cases. On the plus side, Ryan finally caught a break when help came from an old CIA acquaintance, Tom Franklin (Charles S. Dutton, aka “Roc”), who actually believed Joe was alive and wanted Ryan to catch him, offering full cooperation and all the means at his disposal, which should come in handy. Not to mention keep Ryan out of trouble with the FBI, if need be.

What it didn’t do was to keep him out of trouble, period. They say some people are natural born killers- or so the movie goes- but others are trained. As it turns out, Joe was one of them, and on tonight’s episode, we met the mentor in question, Dr. Arthur Strauss (Gregg Henry, of the Brian DePalma classic “Body Double”), a regular Dr. Frankenstein when it came to creating psychos, or at least nurturing them. Strauss was the one who encouraged Joe to do his thing as a young man, and was also the one to nurse him back to health after his “death.”



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