The Fosters (ABC Family) Review “Don’t Let Go”

Poor Jesus is going to be scarred for life. I’m pretty sure walking into your bathroom to find your English teacher’s sperm on the sink is high up there on the traumatic scale. I start with this light moment because “Don’t Let Go” had precious few of them. At this point, I feel like I should start grading The Fosters‘ episodes with hankies. One hankie meaning it was a lighthearted romp (that happens sometimes…or it could happen, we don’t know) to five hankies which means it twists your stomach in knots, breaks your heart or otherwise makes you ugly cry in the bathroom after the credits role. “Don’t Let Go” was a solid five hankies.

Callie’s reunion with her father was beautifully done. We meet a man who isn’t a monster; he genuinely wants his children back and he is prepared to fight for them. The only trouble is, he may be a father, but he isn’t a parent no matter how badly Callie or Jude wants him to be. The most heartbreaking part of all, is that once Callie meets him again, she wants desperately to believe she and Jude can go home. Watching her tell Lena and Stef that no matter what happens, she and Jude loves them was a complete emotional sucker punch. Callie was prepared to say goodbye, at least until Brandon pointed out that her father, for all his good intentions, is not capable of giving them a family. If he could, he would have came for his children sooner, he would have fought harder, or at the very least stayed in touch. In the end, their father lets them go because he loves them in a wrenching moment played exquisitely by Maia Mitchell and Hayden Byerly. This is a plot that has long needed closure, and I can’t imagine a better ending.



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