Revolution Season 2 Review “Exposition Boulevard”

After last week’s enjoyable trip into Aaron’s head, Revolution returned to Willoughby this week. And though I’ve complained about the Willoughby arc in the past, “Exposition Boulevard” took things in a grim new direction, making for another exciting chapter of a show that’s only gotten better throughout its second season.

The biggest problem with the Willoughby arc up until now has been a lack of stakes. It’s clear that the resistance fighters need to strike out against the Patriots, but the question has always been why Willoughby is the town to focus on. Arguably, they’ve stayed there so whoever leaves to visit places like Mexico or New Vegas know where to regroup, but the result has been a lot of feet being dragged in Texas while more interesting events occurred elsewhere. Now, though, all of the characters are making their way back to Willoughby, and it’s quickly becoming clear that it’ll be the focus of events as we begin the road towards the season finale. Fortunately, the introduction of the indoctrination camp, as well as the trigger numbers, have brought those much needed stakes.



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