CSI Season 14 Review “Long Road Home”

On the latest episode of “CSI,” it was time to rock ‘n’ roll all night and party every day…until you dropped dead, that is. In the “Long Ride Home,” when a groupie-looking type was discovered dead in a stolen party limo, it was up to the CSI team to get to the bottom of the situation- the “Rock Bottom,” as it were. (You’re not the only one who can make song title puns, “CSI”!) And along for the ride was none other than rock legend Gene Simmons, in full scenery-chewing mode, milking his every scene for all they were worth.

To be honest, some of the rock music references were a bit on the silly side, particularly the Simmons stuff, but then again, “CSI” has never been much for subtlety. To be fair, I did get a kick out of the bit at the beginning with DB and Sara (DB: “You know, Zeppelin once sunk a limo in a hotel pool. No- it was the Who.” Sara: “I’ll check both their alibis…whoever they are, the song remains the same.” I see what you did there, “CSI.”), and naming a character after a song by Zeppelin was a nice touch, especially as it was the nom de plume of a hooker that was involved with a group of would-be rockers, aka “Darwin’s Monkey.” (Great, and all-too-plausible fake band name, too.)




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