Elementary Season 2 Review “The Hound of the Cancer Cells”

On the latest episode of “Elementary,” our main crime of the week was a weird one, as a scientist was gassed with…helium? Yep, the gas that helps balloons spread so much joy and makes everyone sound like one of the Lollipop Guild was used to kill a guy, and you better believe he went out squeaking. It was like the polar opposite of that scene in “Blue Velvet” where Dennis Hopper inhales nitrous oxide and gets even crazier than he already was. Granted, it was sad to see a guy that was actually trying to do some good die, but could they have made him go out in a sillier way? Probably not.

To that end, it was only fitting that the episode’s title be equally ridiculous: “The Hound of the Cancer Cells.” Obviously, it was meant to conjure up thoughts of “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” but in this case, the “hound” was actually a device intended to detect cancer, hence the title. Alas, the rest of the episode was not as light-hearted, which was too bad, given the darkly amusing set-up.




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