Mike & Molly Advance Review “Three Girls and an Urn” Guest Starring Kathy Bates

This Monday’s (March 17th) Mike & Molly guest stars Kathy Bates as Kay, the globe-trotting, worldly childhood best friend of Mike’s mother, Peggy, or as Molly dubs her, the “most awesome person ever.” If I were a casting director, I would pick Bates to play the most awesome person ever too. Kay isn’t as audacious a character as Delphine LaLaurie from American Horror Story: Coven, who Bates played with scenery-chewing glee earlier this season, but Bates is just as adept at playing an earthy photographer brimming with stories to share.

Interestingly, “Three Girls and an Urn” has no real B plot, instead the entire half hour centers on Molly’s adoration of Kay and Peggy’s jealousy over having to share her friend. It isn’t a particularly exemplary comedic episode– the only laughs to be had come from an ongoing joke about how awful Kay’s dead mother was and a fun leg wrestling gag. The episode is surprisingly earnest. It examines the bonds of female friendship with a gentleness I did not expect from Mike & Molly. Peggy and Kay have fifty plus years of history bonding them together despite their different views on life. Peggy sees Molly as a threat to the friendship because Molly speaks Kay’s cultural language. They both enjoy art, writing and travel; all things Peggy has no interest in.




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