Season 4: Can Elle and Sylar be together again!? Just some thoughts!

Here's my proposed way to bring Elle back and renew some form of twisted love with



A new formula has been developed by Primatech, to evolve enhanced abilities

further. Our heroes (save Peter, who also has his fair share of problems) are

proving no match for their evolved Primatech counterparts. This does not

exclude our favorite anti-hero/villain, Sylar, gets his ass handed to him by a

new, multi-powered villain (whose currently nameless)

To retaliate, Angela Petrelli and the Company clones Elle (mid-late season)

to help take down President Nathan Petrelli's Primatech


Note: These new abilities are result of the new formula that doctor Suresh has developed himself, and was given/stolen by the Company (these details would need to be expanded upon). However, Mohinder's formula is only a prototype, and hasn't yet been perfected so the user's body is able to sustain the "Power-overdrive" its experiencing. Elle's body has unknowingly begun to deteriorate (info released during a conversation or sorts after a few episodes)

In random situations, Sylar sees/meets Elle again..and again...Every time Sylar

meets Elle, he remembers that haunting moment from the beach, which, in

turn, triggers a remnant of his conscience.

Note: It's also a fact that clone-Elle has no memories

of Sylar (only knows what she's read in files), whatsoever, and has a new,

cocky yet virtuous personality. She also believe herself to be the real Elle

Bishop, which she is NOT.

"That girl.... that girl that I killed to

prove that I am entirely of my own

design...." (or something like this)..... Sylar can't forget her.. and begins to

obsess over this new, "innocent", version.

After some sparring, we find that clone-Elle is an enhanced version of her old

self. She has new tricks with her abilities ('blinking'(moving) at speed of light,

"light speed" reflexes/enhanced nerve conduction, increase metabolic rate

(healing: though this is limited. She can't regrow limbs, sustain head or heart

wounds etc.).


Elle's abilities are far superior to what he' s used to, and give Sylar, whose

caught off guard, a good run for his money. She escapes, leaving Sylar to

re-open doors long thought closed.

Elle is pursuing the same guy that Sylar is running from(the new evolved guy

that just kicked Sylar's ass). Elle saves Sylar inadvertently, and to his

own surprise, Sylar returns the favor.

He reveals that she is clone and is being used by the Company, while

simultaneously trying to manipulate her. After receiving proof of her origins

and impending fate, she doesn't trust the Company anymore The two "team

up" for a few episodes, pursuing "the new powerful baddie"

Elle saves his life at a point; he asks why; she sees the good in him..yadda

yadda..they have sex at some point. Guilty after sex, Sylar confesses to

clone-Elle he killed her original copy. She tries to kill him and he defeats her,

but spares her.

They separate, but both converge on the target.

They make a truce to fight it together, based on logic.

Elle is defeated by our new villain.

Sylar is also defeated and about to be killed, Elle overtaxes herself in one last attack, but fails and is mortally wounded.

Sylar is deeply affected by this, and his emotional rage allows him to call on his empathic ability, absorb their enemy's ability and

win the fight.

Sylar escapes with Elle who dies shortly after, due to her new abilities sending

her body haywire, causing her healing abilities to give out on her.

Sylar gains a host of the new abilities that give him a fighting chance against

the "Ubers". He also gains flight. When Elle dies, there is a lightning storm

this time, and we a see a scene of Sylar taking off into the clouds above; into

the darkness.

Elle's remains are recovered by the Company. After examination its discovered that there is a fertilized embryo in h



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Dec 12, 2008 6:35AM EST

Okey, its sounds cool...But just get over its... we where rong about the fact that elle was the baby Momma! Because hero change everything and made sylar bad again. By killing Elle he lost the part of his good side maby when he discover that Angela is his real mom and when i find his real dad he will change again.

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Dec 12, 2008 9:41AM EST

I think Claire is Sylar's baby momma! kinda makes sense, fine line between love and hate.

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Dec 12, 2008 5:34PM EST

lol... hav u realised that sylar was like the main character in that story line. where is peter, hiro nd the rest.anyway nice imagination.

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Dec 12, 2008 9:22PM EST

To Satreed:
The fundamental strength of Heroes is the fact that there are many storylines that are intertwined as one as the season closes. Peter, Hiro, and the others are taking on their own challenges at the time. I could write about those, but that isn't my focus right now.
Sylar will always be a main character on Heroes. I wrote this with the idea that this is Sylar's future plot line, where the other characters on the show are taking their own different paths. Thanks for the input

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