'Grimm' Season 3: Reggie Lee discusses 'Mommy Dearest' shocker and Wu's first name reveal

Warning: If you haven't watched Friday's (March 7) episode of "Grimm," you're about to be spoiled.At long last, "Grimm" fans have gotten what they wanted for the character of Sergeant Wu. Not only did he discover the Wesen world, but viewers also learned his first name.Except the whole Wesen storyline didn't exactly play out the way many people were likely expecting. Wu couldn't handle the fact that the Aswang was more than just a fairy-tale creature, and he ended up in a mental institution over it. Will he be able to come to terms with this supernatural world? That remains to be seen.Zap2it spoke with Wu himself, Reggie Lee, about the seminal episode, what this means for his character and how they decided on the name of "Drew Wu."Zap2it: What was your response to Wu having a mental breakdown over seeing a Wesen? Reggie Lee: I didn't expect it either. I didn't expect this kind...



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