This has been the best season yet! You can definitely tell that they changed the writers. It's all actually getting somewhere. Although I hope I'm wrong, it looks like it's coming to an end as far as the whole smallville series is concerned. I just cant fully imagine it, but it's gotta end somewhere.


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Nov 14, 2008 1:54AM EST

Yeah. I gotta say, I was /so very leery/ of Season 8 with Lex departing and them mentioning Doomsday. I'm still kinda 'meh' on the whole Doomsday thing, but, it's turning out much better than I had thought. As for this episode, it's defeintly turning it up a notch and their slowly, but surely, setting him up toward his eventual path of Superman (by cutting all the ties that would have not made much sense).
I have to admit, I am happy, yet sad at the same time Chloe has lost her memory of Clark's abilities. Was a bit disappointed at no Lois :( I wanted to punch Davis, both for being all Stalker creepy and for going after Chloe >< Overall, good episode though.
I do like the general feel their keeping with Doomsday at least. The fact he died and got stronger, and it was mentioned by Jor-El that he learned from previous battles, making him pretty much Indestructible.
(Side complaint: Still no flight? :( Wtf writers. You better give us Flights and Tights by the end of the season ><)
My "Giggle" moment: Clark telling Jimmy to not beat himself up over things he couldn't control. I started laughing and thought "That's rich coming from you Clark."

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