Its rare when I come upon a show that completely has my attention for every second. Now granted gladiator and 300 might be some of my favorite movies so I might be a bit bias in saying this is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time.

The show takes after the 300 style of cinematography and sets itself in the roman era where a young man from a tribe takes the word of a roman lieutenant and is turned upon forcing him and his wife into slavery. She disappears and he is left fighting for his life a gladiator under the promise that with his success he will be reunited with his lover.

This show definitely appealed to my relax and watch killing side as every other minute the screen is covered in blood literally the screen will turn red!

Sex/Nudity: Even when there is sex or nudity somehow blood will find its way into the scene. The nudity might be a little overdone at some points there is so much graphic sex you can almost feel like your watching a porno.(I.e there is one scene where a slave girl is giving the owner of the gladiator training camp fellatio while he is talking to his wife and another female slave is pleasuring her. I guess When in Rome, do as the Romans do?)

The acting is decent, some of the cast is emotionless while others clearly shine.

The story is gripping, you want to keep watching and see what Spartacus will do next and who he will have to defy to get his wife back to him.

ill give it a 8/10 because tv was getting too serious for me and i want to see some killing :)


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