Revolution 2.16 Review: “Exposition Boulevard”

This week on Revolution, the standoff between Miles, Rachel, Neville and Jason continues from last episode. The only way of solving it would be to see who would shoot first. Doyle cuts this short and the Patriots attempt to ambush them. Unfortunately for them, Miles and Rachel flee easily.

Neville is castigated by Doyle after the plan doesn’t go to plan and they are nowhere near capturing Monroe. As Doyle kicks Truman out – of his own office – he reveals to Neville that the only reason he and Julia are alive is because the President had given orders not to kill them.

Throughout the episode we see that the Patriots don’t have a very high opinion of Truman, he simply does what he’s told. This is surprising as a few weeks ago it was assumed that Truman was one of the worst when in comparison to the rest of them, he’s a bit soft. The question is – if he’s not as extreme as them, how far are they willing to go?



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