Bates Motel 2.03 Review: “Caleb”

When Norma makes a revelation this week on Bates Motel, it’s not completely unexpected, yet still shocking. The info hurts the son she holds at a distance and as far as I’m concerned fills a huge chunk of the puzzle that is Norma Bates.

Norma didn’t get a role in the town musical, but Norman did get a part in the chorus.  Cue the jealousy of her son. Norman just can’t win with his mother. He even offers to drop out but is persuaded to stay on helping out backstage by Cody.

A woman, Christine, rushes outside and announces her quitting the play because Norma was snubbed. Christine is a whirlwind flattering Norma and inviting her out for drinks…at 11 am. Norma doesn’t seem to ever get along with women but Christine has pushed the right buttons, telling Norma how great she is and how she is going to introduce her to all the “right” people of White Pine Bay. At Christine’s garden party, Norma meets George, Christine’s divorced brother. I would say that George needs to be warned, but this is White Pine Bay and he can probably handle the craziness that is Norma Bates. She also meets Miss Watson’s father, Nick Ford, who coincidentally also opposes the building of the overpass.



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