Being Human 4.10 Review: “Don’t You Die For Me”

At this point reviewing Being Human should only require that I turn in keyboard smash. Or the repetitive use of exclamatory internet acronyms. With the series finale now only 3 weeks away I can’t help but wonder if this show has any intention of us getting there. The pacing, action, and emotion each week isn’t just getting better, it keeps increasing in rate and intensity. (How though? How does it do this? Is there no limit? I thought there was a limit.) While this week was a little less heavy, it remained dramatically spirited. This show truly knows just how much to push in any direction without going too far.

“Don’t You Die For Me” picks up for Aidan, Josh, and Nora exactly where “Gallows Humor” left off. Aidan and Suzanna are now in a weird relationship not relationship of maybe forgiveness. Their first move as a reunited couple is pretty telling about whether their reunion will be a success. Suzanna makes Aidan promise to help stop Kenny from growing the Boston nest. To do that, he must kill his own son. Nora is on her way out of the house, but she bumps into Josh for a moment before snagging some girl time with Sally. I’ve said this before, but there was never enough shared screentime between just these two over the years. It’s wonderful to see the show heartily making up for it this season. Meanwhile, Josh is juggling avoiding Nora with becoming the wolf pack’s new alpha.



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