Recap - Skins S04E04 Katie

Katie Fitch has a problem. Katie's family's bankrupt, and they've got nowhere to live. And under the strain of it all, Jenna and Rob seem to be headed for splitsville and James Fitch is scared.

At the same time, Jenna's new company 'Let's Get Fitched' has its first client: Bristol Rovers wag Brandy, a friend of Katie's through her Guillermo WAG phase. And Katie's got to make sure the hen night goes with a swing.

So Katie's got to do what she does best: hold it all together under a mask of make up and a fixed smile.

As well as this, Emily's spinning out of control - angry with her family, Naomi and everyone else.

During 24 hours of Katie's life she tries to fix her family, her home and everything else. Katie strives for perfection, but her 24 hours are tinged with a sadness she's coming to terms with all alone as she learns the perfect life may not exist after all.

Written by Georgia Lester

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