Bates Motel Season 2 Review “Caleb”

Bates Motel returned tonight with the appropriately titled “Caleb”, as we get to learn a little more about…Caleb! Norma’s brother is yet another creepy and mysterious new citizen of White Pine Bay, and we were introduced to a few other new characters as well.

I had actually forgotten before watching the “Previously on…” scenes that Norma told Norman that she was raped by her brother, but remembering that certainly added a lot of context to Norma’s violent reaction to seeing him again. It’s tough to know if Norma was telling the truth when she told that to Norman, or if she was just being dramatic. We know that she can bend the truth when she’s trying to get people to like her, but I don’t know why she would lie to both Norman and Dylan, especially after she tried to refrain from telling Dylan at first.



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