Recap - Skins S04E02 Emily

Emily and Naomi are loved up and enjoying their extended summer of love together. The thorn in Emily's side is her family. Her mother is unable to accept Naomi as anything other than a bad influence, and is keen for Emily to go travelling alone without her girlfriend, offering her money as a cash incentive. Emily is intent on standing by her woman and showing her mother they're stronger than that.

When the police return to College to speak to Emily and Naomi, Naomi lies in the interview and Emily is forced to go along with it. Emily is keen to discover why the police knew their names and thought they were friends with a girl they'd never met.

Naomi tells Emily to leave it, admitting she dealt the drugs to Sophia the night she died. Emily can't leave it and turns detective.

At the same time the Fitch home is in disarray - dad Rob makes a shock announcement and the tension between Emily and her mother pushes the family to breaking point.

Written by Ed Hime

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